Set Your Child Up For Success in Life
It is better to prepare the child for the road, than to just prepare the road for the child – Anonymous How do you prepare your children for the road of life' How do you teach them' What do you … Continue reading

Why You Should Never Do The Bible
Have you ever heard the saying “Do the bible”. If you have never heard of it, it is short-form of saying ‘Do what is in the bible’. While this advice comes from a good place and is well-meaning…how do I … Continue reading

One Good Reason To Read The Bible
Holy Scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus – 2 Timothy 3:15 Holy means to be set apart, and scriptures means writings. Therefore, the Holy Scriptures are writings that are set apart. They … Continue reading

Dont Live A Burger King Life
Burger King used the slogan 'Have it Your Way' to advertise its business for 40-years until 2014 when it scrapped it for a new slogan 'Be Your Way'. As you can see, the words 'Your Way' are common to both … Continue reading

Seize Today and Rule Tomorrow
I always thought lazy people do not work hard! But then I read this saying from King Solomon (arguably the wisest king that has ever lived): The hand of the diligent will rule, but the lazy man will be put … Continue reading

Get A Grip On Your Emotions
Think of your emotions as people that life sends you. When these emotions get to you, they knock on the door of your house (heart and mind) and offer you feelings. If you open the door to the emotion that … Continue reading

Think Well And Live Well
Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week ' George Bernard Shaw There is a difference between thinking and having thoughts. Thinking … Continue reading

Dont Just Rush Into Marriage
Bear with me for a second and imagine that you are about to buy a used car. Before signing on the dotted line, you would request the diagnostics on the car. You'd take the car for ride to see how … Continue reading

A Love Letter On The Real Meaning of Love
I thought I knew what I believed. After listening to His words, I was not sure anymore. Though I tried to dismiss His teaching, I just couldn't. And then there were the miracles He continued to perform. Unable to take … Continue reading

A Love Letter to Christian Men Who Desire A Thriving Marriage
Dear Christian Men, God, without a doubt, outdid Himself when He made her. Eve, my wife to be left me breathless when I saw her. When I finally caught my breath, the first words out of my mouth were 'wow'man'. … Continue reading

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