Superchampinc is a platform for the online community to connect and grow together in God through the discussion of the revelations and insights given to each person so that our collective understanding of truth and our relationship with Him may be strengthened.

Superchampinc is founded by Emmanuel who is a recovered superchump – the depraved state of the person who chooses not to walk with God but pridefully and stubbornly choose their own way and its associated destruction. Now living as a superchamp – a person that plugs into the transformative power of Christ through the study and obedience of the Word – Emmanuel and team seek to encourage, motivate, and challenge everyone to live victoriously.

A word from Emmanuel
Our desire is that God speaks to you and blesses you greatly through the resources you find on this site

We strongly believe the biblical statement that “God shows no personal favoritism to man”. Therefore, each one of us is able to hear from God and contribute to the understanding of His Word according to the grace He has granted us and as we are directed by the Holy Spirit. As such, we invite you to share your spiritual insights with us. This way, we are learning and growing together!

Please contact us if you would like to be a guest writer or you have a burning issue you would like addressed through writing or prayer

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